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Austin Henderson
has been in the field of Human-Computer Interaction since 1964. He has a B.Sc. in Mathematics from Queen's University, Canada, an MS in Computer Science from the University of Illinois, and a Ph.D in Computer Science for MIT. He has built applications in areas including manufacturing, air traffic control, electronic mail (Hermes), user interface design tools (Trillium), workspace management (Rooms, Buttons). He has done research and user interface architecture for Xerox at both PARC and EuroPARC, and for Apple Computer, and industrial design with Fitch. Until March, 1997, he managed the Discourse Architecture Laboratory in the Apple Research Labororatories. In addition to being a principal in Rivendel Consulting, Austin is a co-founder of Pliant Research, a research consortium exploring the theory and practice of computing systems that move beyond the formal. Professionally, Austin has been active in ACM/SIGCHI since 1983, including as conference chair (1985), and organization chair (1989-1993).

I'm married to Lynne, I have three children, Kim, Mark and Brooke, and I like to paddle boats in still and moving water.

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Austin Henderson, Rivendel Consulting

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Born, London, Ontario, Canada; raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Married, with three children.

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